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Specifications and Description

The Auto Feeder is an automatic 3D printer filament feeder. Its main task is to provide the 3D printer with filament in order to eliminate the forces that the extruder has to make to take the filament from the coil, whici in much cases ends ruining the print. Providing filament freely in the mouth of the extruder, has multiple benefits at the point that no 3D printer is complete without a good filament feeding system, because the extruder is meant to extrude material , not to take it from the coil at the same time that extrudes, and simply this kind of steppers used in 3D printers, can not do it.

Made out of acrylics, the Auto Feeder uses a 6 Volt dc motor at 18 rpm, which will be more than enough to print at speeds of > 200 mm/s with big noozles like 1mm diameter or more. The Auto Feeder works with almost all the filament coils in the market, wether is 1 kg or 3kg, 1.75mm filament or 3mm filament.

If you buy at least 1 Auto Feeder, you will have access to the STL files, to download them and print any part in case of damage


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