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1. What is the Auto Feeder ?

The Auto Feeder is an automatic (motorized) 3D printer filament feeder. Uses a dc motor that will move the filament spool when tension is applied in the filament

2. What is the material and colors available ?

The Auto Feeder is made out of Acrylics, and it s availabkle in 2 colors: Black and Transparent

3. Does it works with all printers ?

Yes, just put the filament in the extruder, that is all

4. What kind of spools does it work with ?

It does work with all kinds of 1kg spools and smaller. It does not work with 3kg spools.

5. What countrys do you sell ?

We sell at a total of 25 countrys at the moment: Argentina,Australia,Belgium,Brazil,Canada,Denmark,Ireland,Finlan,France,German,Israel,Italy,Japan,South Korea,Mexico,Netherland,Norway,New Zealand,Poland ,Rusia,Arabia,Spain,Sweeden ,Swiss,Turkey,Taiwan,UK,United States

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